What makes us different?

At our location in Sankt Katharinen, Germany, we have been developing drones for the professional sector since 2011.

We have specialized in a wide range of tasks, such as surveying, BOS, science, inspections, agriculture and farming, etc. We see ourselves not only as a competent drone manufacturer, but also as a provider of modular complete systems tailored to your application area.

Our systems undergo all tests for robust, safe and everyday use. Our drones meet all relevant standards and regulations. You will find the latest technical developments in the field of flight robots with us.

Are you looking for a professional floating platform for your camera system or other tasks? Then you are exactly right with us!


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Redundant and Secure


  • Redundant flight sensors
  • Dual batteries
  • Minimum of 8 motors
  • Failsafe functions
  • Easy to fly
  • Simple autonomous flight planning

Modular Design


  • Customizable operating instructions for takeoff approval
  • Easily expandable with new sensors, parachute, flight control, etc.
  • Open interfaces for customization



  • High endurance
  • Capable of carrying heavy loads
  • Protected against dust and water
  • Operates offline
  • High wind stability


Application areas

Weidenstr. 20, 53562 Sankt Katharinen
Tel.: 02644/4064066
Öffnungszeiten: Montag bis Freitag 10-18 Uhr
E-Mail.: info@multikopter.de

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Tel.: 02644/4064066