Authorities and Organizations with Security Tasks

Authorities and Organizations with Security Tasks (BOS) is a collective term for institutions that are tasked with the prevention of dangers, such as fire departments, police, THW or Johanniter.

These have special requirements for technology and the corresponding equipment must be quickly and easily ready for use.

We have therefore tailored our proven EVO-X8 to meet these requirements. This starts with a dust- and splash-proof and robust housing (IP43) and ends with an easy-to-use operation.

More and more BOS facilities are therefore deciding to purchase a drone. There are many possible uses: from situation assessment to search for persons to measuring hazardous substances, the range of applications of the drone is wide.

Application in police work

The potential for the use of drones by the police is great, whether it is the search for missing persons, victims and perpetrators or the general situation assessment of an area from the air. By using the latest sensors, these areas can be carried out quickly and easily. Since the drone is ready to take off within a few minutes, tasks and forces can be used more efficiently. The alternative, such as a helicopter, incurs significantly higher costs and is often only at the scene of the incident after an hour.

Even at events and demonstrations, a quick and safe overview from the air can be implemented with the use of the drone. In combination with our high-resolution zoom cameras and long flight times, our models are suitable for this application. In addition, it can be powered from the ground on request, in order to ensure a permanent deployment.

At crime scenes, the drone can help to measure the crime scene by taking high-resolution photos and then help to clarify the course of events as a later 3D model.

Fire department and disaster relief

To optimally plan operations for the fire department, THW and disaster relief, corresponding data is required. This is where our drone comes into play. Thanks to the short start-up preparation, it can deliver data and images from the air to the emergency vehicle within a few minutes. These can then be forwarded from here, e.g. to a central dispatch center.

With this information, the operations can then be organized, for example where people are still suspected, hot spots, floods, etc.

Thanks to our own-developed sensor combinations of high-resolution zoom camera, thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 640×512 and our optional 2×20,000 Lux searchlights, it is specifically optimized for all possible operations.

With our IP43 protected drone, flights are also possible in rain or snow. And with our modular design, it also offers the possibility to use special sensors such as gas detectors, spectral cameras and other sensors in the future.

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